We can reduce energy consumption, operational, and maintenance costs by 40% or more guaranteed!


We're Experts in Energy Savings (Efficiency)

We Understand Reducing Operating Costs is More Important than Ever.
We've established a special cost-saving response team.

We have established a special team to respond to property owners, managers, and others looking to immediately reduce energy and associated operational and maintenance costs. We here to help businesses affected by COVID-19. On a positive note, we have secured access to $80,000,000 in funding to eliminate upfront out of pocket capital.

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Working with Rich Energy Solutions Includes:
  • Free Survey and Design, Anywhere in the United States
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price "GMP" Proposal within 2 Days
  • Engineering, if required
  • Complete Installation and Project Management
  • 100% Financing
  • 2-Year Warranty, parts and labor

What We Do >

"Our philosophy is clear and straightforward; evaluate our clients' real estate holdings and deliver a turnkey solution to increase their NOI by uncovering building-wide energy-saving opportunities. We're best known for 1) finding energy savings opportunities others overlook, 2) our professional in-house design and installation team, and 3) our ability to finance 100% of the project. We're nationally recognized because we deliver a turnkey solution other energy service companies can not offer".   ....Jim Rich


100% Project Funding with
Constellation's EME Program
Philadelphia Building Tune-Up Initiative

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Property Owner
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Reduce Operating Costs
Increase Net Operating Income
Increase Asset Value / CAP Rate
Increase Competitiveness
100% Financing
High Internal Rate of Return

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