Claridge Hotel Case Study

Claridge Hotel - Atlantic City, NJ

Claridge Hotel - Atlantic City, NJ

Energy Conservation Measures in Hospitality

Energy Reduction Plan
Cost: $1,280,540
Size: 700,000 Sq. ft.
Market Segment: Hospitality

500 Room boutique hotel (former Casino) on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City - RES installed a demand based ventilation to convert 13 larger air handing units formally sized for a casino with CO2 sensors and variable frequency drives to greatly reduce capacity based on occupancy. RES installed new domestic water booster pumps with variable frequency drives to deliver water up the tower only when needed.

A complete LED lighting retrofit throughout the property including common areas, bars, restaurants, guest rooms and back of the house areas was performed.

Occupancy based guest room thermostats with scheduling capability using a cloud based technology assures heating and cooling is only on when needed. The intelligent controls provide significant cost savings without sacrificing guest comfort.

RES recently completed Phase 2 of the energy upgrade installing 55 aluminum salt water protected modulating dampers in the larger air handling units to introduce free cooling to the hotel greatly reduce monthly energy costs. Recently RES was hired to upgrade all of the antiquated pneumatic controls with state-of-the-art DDC controls and Intelligent software to manage the entire building.

“Rich Energy Solutions has been a great partner to the Claridge. They have saved us significant money over the past couple of years!”

-Brian DeWinne,
CFO Claridge Hotel

Project Overview

Total Contract Price: $1,280,540
Utility Company Rebate: $330,000
Annual Energy Savings: $376,210
Internal Rate of Return: 40%
Investment Recapture Period: 2.5 years
10 Year Positive Cash Flow: $2,821,575