Genesis Healthcare - Kennett Square, PA


Energy Retrofit
Cost: $6,954,060
Market Segment: Long Term Care

Rich Energy Solutions (RES) has completed more than 120 energy retrofit projects for Genesis Healthcare over the past seven years. Genesis Healthcare, based in Kennett Square, PA they own, manage and operate over 550 high-quality long term care facilitates across the United States. RES has provided laundry, LED lighting, wireless controls, mechanical and ventilation solutions with an internal rates of return that exceeded the company standards for all required capital expenditure projects.

No Cap Ex – Infinite Return on Investment

Today, Genesis Healthcare is reducing their utility cost and operating expense by using the energy savings to pay for the energy efficiency measures. Rich Energy Solutions introduced Constellation Energy (an Excelon company – Fortune 125 company) to implement the Efficiency Made Easy (EME) program, where the cost of the energy upgrade measures are included in the already budgeted monthly energy bill. This program gave Genesis the ability to upgrade several facilities at the same time with cap ex expenses.

Complete ECM Overview

Completed Project Value: $6,954,060
Rebates and Incentives: $1,798,620
Internal Rate of Return: 35%
Simple Pay Back: 2.7 yrs.
10 Year Positive Cash Flow $13,724,00

Current “EME” Projects - 9 Centers

Project Values: $870,539
Rebates and Incentives: $195,080
Internal Rate of Return: Infinite
Annual Energy Savings $184,770
10 Year Positive Cash Flow $2,748,850