Utility Services

Utility Services

Deregulated Energy Procurement

Take advantage of our industry knowledge and experience and capture savings from third party gas and electric suppliers for less money than you are currently paying your providers.

Use trend and historic utility data to create a profile of your utility expenses and create a program customized to your facility needs.

Reduce demand charges by purchasing power on off-peak rates and minimize your risk. Load shapes provide the data needed to make intelligent energy procurement decisions.

Utility Bill Auditing and Tracking Program

Bill Audits

Verify utility bill accuracy and spot problems such as excessively high or low usage and kW, missing bills, and abnormal dates.

Rate/Tariff Analysis

Compare current utility billed rates to alternative rate schedules.

Account & Meter Tracking

Track any commodity, level and type of bill detail and track standard and deregulated bills (separate LDC/supplier charges).

Cost Avoidance (M&V)

Calculate the savings attributable to energy management by comparing current bills with a normalized baseline year.

Benchmarking Charts

Rank and compare buildings which will highlight outliers (abnormal usage, buildings and bills) and prioritize energy conservation efforts.


Normalization allows us to compare month-to-month and year-to-year utility bills on a common basis.

Use vs. Weather

Normalize data for month to month and year to year comparison based on degree day adjustments.

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

Submit to EPA's Portfolio Manager to obtain ENERGY STAR energy efficiency ratings for buildings.