Rich Energy Solutions


Rich Energy is your single-source partner to implement your entire energy conservation project. From concept to completion, Rich Energy will assess your needs, map your strategy, and implement your plan.

No-Cost Energy Assessment

No matter where you're located, Rich Energy will send a team to survey your property at no cost. All that is required is to complete and return the 1-page assessment along with your latest electric and gas bill. Rich Energy makes money by earning your business and performing the energy-saving measures you've chosen.

Installation / Warranty

Rich Energy installs all their own work and warrants the entire project for 2 years, including material, travel, and labor. Warranties for materials and equipment may exceed 2 years based on manufacturers offering.


Don’t spend precious capital if you don’t have to. Rich Energy works with the best financial institutions in the country offering creative financing up to any amount. Their relationship with major utility companies ie: Constellation Energy provides exclusive low-rate 100% financing to its customers.

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Project Management

What differentiates Rich Energy is their ability to develop and install projects of any size and complexity. Their background is large-scale mechanical contracting. They understand the coordination of trades, contracts, local codes, and scheduling. They speak the language of engineers and contractors which is crucial in representing the intent of the owner and completing projects efficiently and on-time.


Rich Energy's network of architects and engineers can accommodate projects throughout the United States. In most cases, we will use the engineer on record for your property to assure consistency and reliability to existing conditions.

Design-Build / Design-Assist

Rich Energy will manage your efficiency project by coordinating all parties to minimize risk and cost before the project has started. Our process avoids RFI's and change orders most common in effecting the budget or projected completion date.

Rebates, Incentives & Grants

Rich Energy maintains up to date with the ever-changing utility, federal, and state rebate and incentive programs across the country. They will prepare all applications and assure compliance to successfully receive all the funds available for your energy conservation project.

Enterprise Solutions

For owners with multiple properties, in most cases spread across the country, Rich Energy offers the capability to view your entire portfolio’s energy use from one single web-based dashboard. They will help implement your company’s own energy task force to assure energy efficiency and standardization policy across your entire company's infrastructure.

Distributed Generation

Energy independence, reliability, savings, and environmental concerns are among a few of the benefits of distributed generation (DG). From concept to project installation, Rich Energy can develop a custom DG plan to accommodate your needs, reduce your consumption costs, and provide peace of mind vs the deteriorating state of the country’s electrical grid.

Energy Procurement

Never again be pressured or fooled into purchasing electric or gas on the spot. The days of having to decide within the hour or the price will change is over. Rich Energy is not a commodity broker and is not in the business of selling you electricity or gas. As your efficiency consultant, they are on your side in educating and helping you make the right decision is committing to a long term energy agreement.